I’m the Thursday Treat at Denny S. Bryce’s Blog!

Sexy man eating my favorite treat - ice cream!

Today I’m the “Thursday Treat”/guest author over at Denny S. Bryce’s site, chatting about writing, inspiration and some of my favorite authors.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Got any questions that I didn’t answer? Want to answer some of those queries yourself? Let us know – in the comments below!


Denny S. Bryce: Today’s Thursday Treat: Special Guest – Author Joy Daniels.

It’s the Thursday Treat at Denny S. Bryce’s blog (that’s me and this is where).  It will consist of guest bloggers from publishing including authors and writers and agents and editors, as well as some of my other artists pals who sing, dance, create games, and do all sorts of marvelous things.

Launching the series is a writer who is a wild, sexy, fun-loving gal, who has all sorts of things to tell us about what she’s up to, and what makes the writer girl in her tick… [more]

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