Revving Her Up (Full Throttle, Book 1)


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Full Throttle, Book 1

Her love life is running on empty. And he’s just the man to make her engine purr.

Warning: Contains a false start, breakdowns of the automotive and erotic kinds, creative uses of shower massagers and silk ties, and thrill-rides in, on, and outside of a racecar.


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The middle of freaking nowhere. Sarah had assumed it was solely a figurative expression. But deep in the hills of Virginia, three hundred miles from New York City and another hundred plus miles from The Spa at Westwood, she’d found it. No reception on her cell phone. No one at the local garage who worked on Porsches. Not even a working soda machine.

According to the sign at the end of the street, the middle of nowhere was officially called Rapture, VA. Sarah snorted. Some name. The only pleasure she’d get from this town was watching it disappear from her rearview mirror.

The cluster of men had thinned, but those who remained stared as Sarah stalked back to her car. She must have looked like some kind of exotic animal to them, her black clothes and high-heeled boots as out of place on this dusty road as the men’s worn jeans and cowboy boots would be in her Manhattan law office. And her car, which hardly signified back home, stood out among the battered pickup trucks and twenty-year-old sedans like a peacock among pigeons.

Annoyed as she was, she didn’t notice that the front end of her car was jacked up until she was practically on top of it. A man’s body stuck out from underneath it, visible from the ribs down.

She stopped in her tracks.

Faded denim hugged narrow hips. The man’s white tee had ridden up to expose abs that were flat and taut. A six-pack instead of the beer bellies sported by the men she’d seen so far. Dark hair gathered into a narrow line that parted around his navel and disappeared beneath his waistband. A brass buckle with an image of crossed racing flags cinched his leather belt. The thought of crossing that finish line made her pulse race.

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Also available as an audiobook: The Audiobook Shop



Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!  Revving Her Up is another great book I couldn’t put down. The sex scenes were hot, the male was hotter… You add some fast cars to it all and you can’t help but love it. Joy Daniels had me from the first pages and kept me till the end.” — Night Owl Reviews

The road is fast, the book is pretty short but it’s still a good ride… I felt like they were real, the emotions were spot on and the right amount of smut to make me make sure no one was reading over my shoulder…. Overall a great read, well worth the time. — Mama Kitty Reviews 

Talk about a book living up to its name… wow. Revving Her Up by Joy Daniels was one heck of a sexy ride. With two complete opposites, attracting on a primal level of desire, readers sure won’t find anything much hotter than this novella.” — Sizzling Hot Books

This is the debut novella from author Joy Daniels and let me tell you… I finished this story in one sitting, and am STILL daydreaming about Cole almost 24 hours later! Whoa, this is one hell of a read!” –– Read-Love-Blog

Available NOW:

Amazon  *  Barnes & Noble  * Samhain Publishing

Also available as an audiobook: The Audiobook Shop


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