“Unmasked” – The Entwined Series, Volume 2

Entwined2_600_800A shy museum curator embraces her deepest sexual desires and finds true love through a series of anonymous erotic encounters with a masked man.

A display of dildos greets Rachel Carter each morning at work. Titillating for most people, but for an intern at the Museum of Erotic Esoterica in New York City, it’s just another day at the office. But one morning, Rachel’s duty of documenting and preserving erotic artifacts is interrupted by the arrival of a package. What lies inside will ignite the sexual adventure of a lifetime.

So what’s in the box? That’s up to you, the reader. In this second volume of the Entwined series, Revealed, Rachel opens the lid to find one of four erotic artifacts, each with the power to propel her into a wildly different adventure. Will it be paranormal fantasy, same-sex BSDM, multiple partners, or an erotically-charged romantic interlude?  

No matter what your pleasure, the museum’s latest acquisition – and Rachel’s sexual liberation – will be revealed.
Available NOW:
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